TCP Z v26 破解TCPIP連接數限制,釋放網絡潛能

TCP-Z v2.6 - 破解TCP/IP連接數限制,釋放網絡潛能


1. 快捷安全:修改內存中的半開連接數限制值,立即生效,無需重啟。不修改系統文件Tcpip.sys,安全。
2. 兼容性好:特徵碼查找,TCP-Z認識所有Tcpip.sys,通殺所有帶限制的Windows!
3. 專業圖表:TCP-Z實時顯示系統當前活動的TCP連接數、半開連接數、新建隊列,以及上傳、下載速度的歷史曲線。每分鐘統計更新TCP新建隊列超限警告事件次數。

Raise the limited of half-open (incomplete outbound) TCP connection, Release the power of your network, download faster, and more task can be run at the same time.

1) Safe And Easy: Modifies Tcpip.sys in memory. The changes take effect immediately; do not need to restart the computer.

2) Wide Compatibility: It searches limited offset through signature, no longer focused on the MS upgrade and update.
Support all version of Windows, Which with half-open limited.

3) Professional Chart: TCP-Z shows number of estabilished connection, half open connection, Create depth, download/upload speed in real-time.
And software will show the number of warnings events in per-minute, which TCP half open connection overload.

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