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FastStone Image Viewer 7.7 優質的圖片瀏覽推薦及批次圖片轉檔工具

ACDSee一直以來,都是一套極具知名度的,其整合了秀圖管理以及簡易圖片編輯功能,但 ACDSee 卻是一套共享軟體,必須要付錢才能永久使用。FastStone Image Viewer 可就不同了,擁有著 ACDsee 多數的功能,但卻不如 ACDSee 一樣需要付費才能使用,因為它是免費!快速反應的速度,讓你觀看圖片或開啟圖片,幾乎感受不到等待的時間;華麗可換面板的介面,讓你可以隨時依心情來定製軟體操作介面,不需再觀看使用那永遠一成不變的軟體操作介面。

簡易的圖片編輯功能,不管是圖片的轉檔、圖片大小的變更、圖片翻轉或是圖片的裁剪...等,讓你除了秀圖管理功能外,更多了簡易編輯功能。有時需要擷取螢幕的畫面,使用鍵盤的Print Scrn鍵,不但麻煩,而且一次只能擷取一張圖片,且功能過於陽春。FastStone Image Viewer也提供了螢幕擷取功能,不但可以擷取全螢幕、指定視窗、自訂範圍大小、擷取不規則形狀的畫面...等。


Version 7.7 (August 24, 2022)
  • Loads HEIC/HEIF faster by 40% to 100%
  • Added "Show Dimension" option to Settings -> Thumbnail tab
  • Added "25%" and "75%" options to the Quick Resize menu
  • Added an option to Settings -> Programs tab to open external programs using Alt key instead of Ctrl key
  • In Draw Board, you can now draw objects continuously without having to select the drawing tool repeatedly
  • For Batch Convert/Rename:
    • You can now customize the template list for filenames
    • Added "Keep Screen On" option to the batch processing dialogs
  • For GPS:
    • Added a new GPS format DDD° MM.MMMM'
    • Added "Show in Open Street Map" option
  • For RAW files:
    • Supports OM-1 ORF format
    • Added "RAW Filter" option to Settings -> RAW tab. This option puts a filter on toolbar to show or hide RAW files with a single click
    • When RAW files are hidden by disabling "View RAW files in" option in Settings -> RAW tab, you will have the following new options:
      • Handle (rename, delete, copy, move) RAW+JPEG together
      • Open RAW in external programs
  • Improved text rendering quality in slideshow
  • You can now rotate all pages in a multi-page tiff file with a single click
  • Other minor improvements and bug fixes


   Version 7.6 (March 31, 2022)
  • Used a new database engine for better performance, capacity, and reliability
  • Added "Pre-scan folders into thumbnail database" tool under Settings menu. This tool can be used to get the thumbnails ready before visiting the folders/drives
  • Added a rating system to classify files from 1 to 5
  • Added 3 new sorting options: Date Taken, Rating and Tagged
  • When copying or moving files, tags and ratings will be preserved in the database
  • Optimized the program for reduced launch time, faster folder tree creation and network folder access
  • Enhanced the 3 built-in themes: Bright, Gray and Dark
  • File size of selected items shown in status bar
  • In windowed view, merge two status bars into one to maximize viewing area
  • Now you can shuffle images in current folder before thumbnail creation is complete
  • Added an option (Settings > "Dual Monitor" tab) to select the secondary monitor when more than 2 monitors are detected 
  • Added "Center" option to Image Strip Builder
  • Added "Preserve Aspect Ratio" option to Image Size in Design and Print tool
  • Added hotkeys for Google Maps (Ctrl+Shift+M) and Google Earth (Ctrl+Alt+M) when current image has GPS coordinates
  • Added "EXIF Lens Model" option to caption in Contact Sheet, text in Slide Show and text in Batch Convert tool
  • Many other small improvements, including vulnerability and bug fixes


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