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Yadadisk has been designed to allow the fastest, simplest and securest method of Encrypting Entire USB Disks, Compact Flash cards, or Hard Drives.

Ease of Use Features:
。A Portable App. Yadadisk is truly portable.
。Drop and Launch: Yadadisk can be run from any location on a Windows XP system. It will encrypt all of the files, folders and sub-folders in the location it is launched from.
。Portable Image Files: Entire folder systems can be seamlessly encrypted into a single file. This file can then be backed up, burnt to cd, emailed etc etc.
。Its Free. Yadadisk is free software.

Security Features:
AES Encryption. Rest assured that anything encrypted with Yadadisk will stay encrypted that's the worlds strongest public encryption alogorhythm, AES.
。Open Source: We feel strongly that all security software should be open source so that it can be reviewed, analysed, attacked and tested.
。Path and Filename Encryption: A potential weakness in the system is removed because Yadadisk encrypts everything, including path names and filenames.
Using Yadadisk

To Encrypt:
。Drop and Launch Yadadisk.exe in the location you want to Encrypt
。Enter the password and the password confirmation and press the Encrypt button.
。All files, folders and sub folders in that location will be encrypted with secure AES 128 cryptography.
。At the end of the process there will be two files, the yadsdisk.exe program and the Yadadiskimage.yda encrypted file.

To Decrypt:
。Launch yadsdisk.exe from the location that contains the Yadadiskimage.yda file.
。Enter the correct password and the entire folder structure will be decrypted and replaced.


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