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RamBooster v20 小記憶體救星 | 綠色工廠

RamBooster v20 小記憶體救星

RamBooster v2.0 - 小記憶體救星

這套軟體最主要的功用就是強迫系統釋放出目前沒有使用的實體記憶體,還可預設警戒值,當記憶體吃緊時即自動進行最佳化。也可以設定為 CPU 較閒時才進行「最佳化」,以避免引影響其他程式的執行。

Windows fills up your computer's memory (RAM) little by little and finally RAM is filled with unnecessary data. Sooner or later you have to reboot your computer to make it work faster. With RamBooster you can continuously monitor the amount of RAM. If the amount of free RAM goes too low, free more with RamBooster. RamBooster can do this automatically if you wish.

Things RamBooster does NOT do :
- Modify your system in any way
- Defragment the RAM
- Double your RAM etc.
- Increase system resources (GDI and USER)


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